Giga-Scale System-On-A-Chip

International Research Center

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National Science Foundation

National Science Council

Chinese National Science Foundation


Project Summary

The International Research Center on giga-scale system-on-a-chip (SOC) designs involves researchers from the United States, Taiwan and China. The research activities include investigation and development of efficient SOC synthesis tools, methodologies, SOC verification, test and diagnostic technologies, and an SOC design driver that motivates and validates various synthesis, verification and test techniques developed during the course of this research project. An SOC design of a network processor is used as the design driver, which includes embedded CPUs, DSPs, FPGAs and various kinds of memory components. The research on SOC synthesis tools and methodologies includes design specification, design partitioning, synthesis and optimization for embedded DSPs and FPGAs, physical synthesis for full-chip assembly and synthesis techniques for design re-use. The research on verification and test focuses on functional verification, self-test using on-chip programmable logic, analog and mixed-signal self-test, and test for embedded memories. The outcome of this research project includes innovative design methodologies, tools and algorithms that enable efficient giga-scale SOC integration in nanometer technologies, as has been documented in numerous publications from the researchers in the center. The center also provides an excellent opportunity to train the next generation of young scientists because of the wide range of leading-edge research problems covered, as well as the unique international collaborative nature of this project.

The center is funded by the research funding from the National Science Foundation, the National Science Council (NSC) in Taiwan and the Chinese National Science Foundation (CNSF). The funding from the National Science Foundation is used primarily to support researchers from the United States. The funding from the National Science Council (NSC) in Taiwan and the Chinese National Science Foundation (CNSF) are used to support the proposed research activities of researchers from Taiwan and China, respectively. Additional funding from the NSF international program is used to facilitate international collaboration.

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