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General terms and conditions for use of the mGP binary code

  1. The software programs comprising mGP and the documentation are copyright UCLA VLSI CAD Laboratory. The users agree upon the following terms for down loading and using mGP:

  2. The users understand that mGP is a set of copyrighted computer programs developed at the UCLA VLSI CAD Laboratory. The users have non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use this software.

  3. The users shall acknowledge the use of this software in their publications when reporting the research and development results involving its usage. The users shall inform us ( about the related publications once they have been accepted.

  4. The Requested Software is released "AS IS". The University of California and its employees are not liable for any possible failure or loss resulting from the use of this software by the recipient or any third party.

  5. Subject to these conditions, the software is provided free of charge to all interested parties.

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