Kenton N. Sze

Kenton Sze received his Bachelor degree with first class honors in 1999 and Master degree in 2001 in Applied Mathematics from the University of Hong Kong. When he was a Master student, he did research with Dr. Ng. His research was related to image processing and his master's thesis title was "Image Reconstruction with Multisensors". In the summer in 2000, he gave presentations in the 4th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics and the SPIE's 45th Annual Meeting, the International Symposium on Optical Science Technology, Symposium on Advanced Signal Processing: Algorithms, Architectures and Implementations. He was also a teaching assistant in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Hong Kong when he was a Master student. He taught Network Models in Operations Research and Topics in Applied Discrete Mathematics to both undergraduate and graduate students. He is attracted by the beauty and usefulness of Mathematics and he has decided to further study Mathematics and learns more in this field. He is now a first year Ph.D. student in Applied Mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles. His plan is to finish the required coursework as soon as possible and then do research with a prestigious professor. He wants to do some research which is useful and can contribute to the society and he is interested in image processing, operations research and optimization, which are very useful in many applications.