Courses enrolled in Spring 2004

Courses enrolled in Winter 2004

Courses enrolled in Fall 2003

  • Intro to Partial Differential Equations 251A
  • ESL108: Pronounciation

Courses enrolled in Spring 2003

  • Applied Differential Equations 266 C
  • Applied Differential Equations 266 E

Courses enrolled in Winter 2003

  • Applied Differential Equations 266D
  • Mathematical Aspects of Scientific Computing: Computational Fluid Dynamics 270D

Courses enrolled in Fall 2002

  • Functional Analysis 255A
  • Mathematical Aspects of Scientific Computing: Computational Linear Algebra 270B

Courses enrolled in Spring 2002

  • Advanced Numerical Analysis 269C
  • Physical Design Automation of VLSI Systems CS258F

Courses enrolled in Winter 2002

  • Real Analysis 245B
  • Applied Partial Differential Equations 266B
  • Advanced Numerical Analysis 269B
  • Mathematical Scientific Computing 270C

Courses enrolled in Fall 2001

  • Real Analysis 245A
  • Applied Ordinary Differential Equations 266A
  • Advanced Numerical Analysis 269A
  • Teaching College Mathematics 495
  • English as a Second Language 33c