fpgaEva: Source and Build Instructions


What is fpgaEva?

fpgaEva is a heterogeneous FPGA evaluation tool developed by the FPGA group of the VLSI-CAD Lab, UCLA. The interface part is written in Java 1.1, the underlying algorithm is based on our RASP system.A compiled version of fpgaEva can be downloaded from here. However, if you are interested in taking a look at the source code or tailoring fpgaEva to meet your own needs, this is the right page you need to look at.

System Requirement

Source Code

How to compile?

Other documents

Document on the communication protocol between fpgaEva and the RASP server
Document on the output of fpgaEva_version.cgi -- instruction format on updating fpgaEva
Slides used on the DAC '99 conference

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