Suggested output of fpgaEva_version.cgi


What is fpgaEva?

fpgaEva is a heterogeneous FPGA evaluation tool. Please go to the fpgaEva's homepage to learn more about it.

The purpose of this document

fpgaEva is distributed with a loader program which can automatically install fpgaEva on the user's machine and update it to the newest version. In order to track the version, the loader program will contact The purpose of this CGI is to check if the fpgaEva contacting it needs to be updated. If so, fpgaEva_version.cgi should return an instruction list to the loader program on how to update fpgaEva

Input to fpgaEva_version.cgi

Version=a.b                            # a.b is the version number of fpgaEva. CGI should decide whether or not it needs to be updated based on this information
Loader-Version=c.d               # c.d is the version number of the loader program. CGI can learn which command is supported by the loader program from this information

Suggested output of fpgaEva_version.cgi

It should be a document with MIME type "text/plain"
The first line should be "Version=x.y", where x.y is the newest version available. If the fpgaEva_version.cgi decided not to let fpgaEva update itself, it should put "a.b" which is sent by the loader program here. The loader program will try to update fpgaEva if it discovered that "x.y">"a.b"
The instruction on how to update fpgaEva should follow the "Version=x.y" line.
Possible instructions include:
MKDIR dirname                    # ask loader program to create a directory named dirname
UPDATE url filename            # ask loader program to fetch the file pointed by url and save it as filename

url is given in absolute address. e.g.
dirname and filename are relative address. The base directory is determined by the loader program. Typically, it would be the directory where the loader program is installed.
e.g. UPDATE goodguy/foo.html
will let the loader program fetch the html file and save it as /directory/of/loader/goodguy/foo.html

A sample output of fpgaEva_version.cgi

MKDIR images
MKDIR help
UPDATE fpgaEva.class
UPDATE images/title.jpg

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