Young-kyu Choi

Research Interest

Automated performance analysis and debugging for HLS-based FPGA designs

Characterization of FPGA-friendly applications with FPGA-GPU platform comparison

Acceleration of various applications using FPGA



Ph.D. student in Computer Science

University of California, Los Angeles

(Advisor: Prof. Jason Cong)

M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

(Advisor: Prof. Wonyong Sung)

B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


Sept. 2012 ~ Present



Mar. 2006 ~ Feb. 2008



Mar. 2002 ~ Feb. 2006






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Research / Academic Experience


UCLA (Set 2012 ~ present)

l  Performance analysis and debugging in FPGA system [5, 6, 7]

l  Acceleration of medical image processing on Convey platform [1, 8]

l  Advisor: Prof. Jason Cong


Inha University (Nov 2011 ~ Aug 2012)

l  GPGPU implementation of large-scaled MRF for stereo matching using graph cuts / belief propagation [2, 9, 10, 11]

l  Advisor: Prof. In Kyu Park


Seoul National University (Mar 2006 ~ Feb 2008)

l  FPGA/VLSI implementation of large vocabulary continuous speech recognizer [3, 4, 12, 13]

l  Advisor: Prof. Wonyong Sung


Invited Talks

l  "CUDA-based parallelization of optimization problems for computer vision applications," NVIDIA CUDA Workshop Korea 2012, Seoul, July 2012.


Academic Activities

l  Reviewer for FPGA, FCCM, FPL, TC, TNNLS, ICPR, SP


Teaching Experience

l  Lecturer, "Object-oriented Programming I" at Inha University (Spring 2012)

l  TA, " Introductory Digital Design Laboratory" at UCLA (Winter, Spring 2017)

l  TA, "Parallel and Distributed Computing" at UCLA (Winter 2015)

l  TA, "Logic Design of Digital Systems" at UCLA (Spring 2014)

l  TA, "Introduction to Computer Science I" at UCLA (Winter 2014)

l  TA, "Design Project for Electrical Devices & Systems" at SNU (Spring 2007)

l  TA, "Computer Organization" at SNU (Fall 2006)


Work Experience


LG Electronics (Mar 2008 ~ Oct 2011)

l  Position: Research Engineer at System IC team

l  Expertise: Digital circuit designer for communication chip

l  Major projects:

n  OFDM-based synchronizer design for Chinese mobile TV (CMMB) (Oct 2008 ~ Dec 2009)

n  Analog TV (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) demodulator design (Oct 2010 ~ Oct 2011)


Falcon Computing Solutions (Jul 2017 ~ Sept 2017)

l  Project:

n  FPGA performance estimator for Merlin Compiler



l  Developed English pronunciation games (Toby) using Nintendo DS (Jan 2006 ~ Mar 2006)

l  Intern at Samsung Electronics (LSI division - chip quality test) (July 2004, Dec 2004)




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