People of the VLSI CAD Lab

Current Projects

Customizable Domain-Specific Computing

System Level Design Automation

Logic and Physical Level Design Automation

Design Automation for Emerging Technologies

Open-Source Accelerators Store

Open-Source Large RTL Design



Past Projects


Software Release

  • 3D-Craft - A Physical Design Flow for 3D ICs
  • MPL - A Multilevel Global Placement Tool
  • mGP - A Multilevel Global Placement Tool
  • IPEM - Performance Estimation Models for Optimized Interconnects
  • RASP - FPGA/CPLD Technology Mapping Package
  • TRIO - Tree, Repeater and Interconnect Optimization Package
  • V4R - Multilayer MCM Router
  • MCAS - Multi-Cycle Architectural Synthesis System
  • fpgaEva - A Heterogeneous FPGA Evaluation Tool
  • Patoma - A Fast Floorplanner by Look-Ahead Enabled Recursive Bipartitioning
  • SPCD - Simultaneous Placement with Clustering and Duplication for FPGAs
  • xPilot - A Platform-Based Behavioral Synthesis System


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