Presentations & Posters




Expeditions in Computer Augmented Program Engineering (PI Rajeev Alur, U. Penn)

Understanding, Coping With, and Benefiting From Intractability (PI Sanjeev Arora / Moses Charikar presenting, Princeton)

Open Programmable Mobile Internet (PI Nick McKeown / Monica Lam & Guru Parulkar presenting, Stanford)

Variability-Aware Software for Efficient Computing with Nanoscale Devices (PI Rajesh Gupta, UCSD)

Customizable Domain-Specific Computing (PI Jason Cong, UCLA)

The Molecular Programming Project (PI Erik Winfree, Caltech)

RoboBees: A Convergence of Body, Brain and Colony (PI Robert Wood, Harvard)

An Expedition in Computing for Compiling Printable Programmable Machines (PI Daniela Rus, MIT)

Making Sense at Scale with Algorithms, Machines, and People (PI Michael Franklin, UCB)

Understanding Climate Change: A Data-Driven Approach (PI Vipin Kumar, U. Minn)

Computaional Sustainability: Computational Methods for a Sustainable Environment, Economy, and Society (PI Carla Gomes, Cornell). Coming soon

Computational Behavioral Science: Modeling, Analysis, & Visualization of Social & Communicative Behavior (PI James Rehg, Ga Tech). Coming soon

Socially Assistive Robotics (PI Brian Scassellati, Yale)




1.  Use template provided.  Include your project logo on this poster, if possible, preceding the project title.
2.  All posters should be  3 x 4 ft.  
3.  Reprographics and mounting will be done at FedEx Kinkos in Arlington, VA.  
4.  At least 5 days in advance of the meeting, send your poster to Kinkos as an email attachment.  Kinkos has requested that the poster be
     transmitted as a pdf file.   In your email, identify your organization and yourself as the point of contact, and indicate that the poster
     is for the NSF Expeditions PI Meeting.
5.  Each organization will be invoiced separately.  Sometime on the 14th or early on the 15th, a designated person from each organization
     will need to visit Kinkos and pay for their poster. Kinkos has agreed to hold onto all posters and then deliver them in bulk to NSF
     on the afternoon of 15 May.
6.  FedEx Kinkos (weekday hours 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.)
     Point of contact:  Patricia Anderson @ 703-875-8017
     4501 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA, 22203
     email:  usa1077@fedex.com7.

1.  Use recommended PowerPoint template provided.
2.  Important points to cover in your presentation:
     Vision of research
     Overview of project
     Most significant contribution of your project so far
     Achievements that would not have happened without the Expeditions award
3.  Since each team will have only 20 minutes to present their project, it is important that you focus on these four specific points.